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TUBOLARE LX 2.5 (20 m) for Ø 2,5 mm
Code: C1TUBLX2.5-20M
Manufacturer: Monterosa Zelandi Srl
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Request for info

For lamps with a 2,5 mm mouth


The wick is made from pure cotton with a soft core made from glass fibres ideal for liquid paraffin.

Technical information:

The technical features of our LX wicks ensure a steady burn and allow oil lamps to be put out and lit again as many times as desired.

Suitable for paraffin lamps of any shape, including those normally implying critical burn conditions, such as tight and long shaped lamps.

It is advisable to fold the wick in two so that its width is doubled.

Pay attention to place well the wick without choking it. Adjust the flame by taking up or down the wick of the mouth.

Our wicks comply with European REACH regulation, thus do not include any of the SVHC substances – i.e.: Substances of Very High Concern – as referred to in the official REACH documents, such as boric acid or borax (You can view the complete list of these substances at the following URL:

The wick has no expiry date and no particular care is needed in handling and storage. To be kept away from dust and humidity.

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