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Candle's world


Christmas Candles. Here in the Romanian Orthodox tradition, candles are lit in two separate pools, usually facing each other: one for the living, the other for those who have passed from this life.  Here, amidst these two candle pools, the terms of life and death are not literal. We may light a candle for a loved one who has passed in the living pool; and, for those who are living in the pool for those who have died. The hope is that those who have passed are living a new life. Sometimes those who are living are in state of loss and so we pray that their mini-death will bring them new life. We pray for our loved ones, the loved ones of others and  strangers. We say their name or an intention. In this moment, we let life and death lose their meaning, or better put, our notions of life and death are shifted through contemplation.  We are all somehow brought together in this moment of light. A light that is the same no matter what the context. And so this is Christmas! Craicun Ferici

  ~~~~Charles J.Fiesel~~~



Founded in 1999, and initially celebrated at Ke'ehi Lagoon on the south bank of Oahu, this memorial ceremony of the Memorial Day takes on Hawaii a unique "flavor". A melting pot of cultures, due to the diverse population and rich cultural fabric, the Hawaaii become the scene of a show sui generis. Connected to the most famous Memorial Day, celebrated in America to honor the war dead, it also becomes a special occasion to remember their loved ones who are no longer there. It is held every year at the end of May. Since 2002, it has been organized along the Ala Moana Beach coast. The custom of remembering loved ones by floating a lantern has Japanese origins. This practice took place, in fact, at the end of the Obon Festival. But brought to Hawaii, it was decided to make it coincide with the traditional and well-known American Memorial Day ceremony. The event lasts a whole day and turns into a special occasion to spend time with others, sharing the memory. The sound of the PU, a typical Hawaiian shell, sanctifies the area and marks the beginning of the ceremony. Six large lanterns are placed in the water to symbolize a prayer for all spirits in the name of all the people present, wishing peace and harmony. Then follow a series of performances. Finally, the sound of His Holiness Shinso's bell indicates that it is time to let each one of his lanterns float, as a wish for happiness and courage. They are deposited in the water with a thought or a memory written on a note on board a floating raft and let flow freely until the end, when they are then collected by volunteers, cleaned up rafts and burnt messages. The whole ceremony is very symbolic and characteristic and is very heartfelt; a large crowd gathers. This year in May it was also held in Milan's Navigli with more than 50,000 people in recollection

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