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Candle Wicks

Monterosa wicks was founded in 1969 as a manufacturer of wicks for candles.

Company was founded in 1969 as Monterosa Zelandi Aurelio, family craft company with an important task for us.. do little hearts flame.. that wicks suitable for all types of candles.

Already the logo of the time it was our mission to make ecologically pure wicks, no metal core and 28 December 1972, is made the first enterprise patent, for a wick to innovative times, no metal core and 100% cotton for votive lamps.

As you increase the experience and increase the lines, different according to the type of candles, because a candle with wicks made at home, with the twisted can be beautiful to look at but not to burn.. candles are a dish that to be tasty is prepared with the right ingredients and a certain ability to know how to do. The candle is an art that can be easy to become refined, that requires only a little time and willingness to learn.

In 2002 the company obtained the artisan excellence brand and in 2006 was included in the group of accredited suppliers from Ral, European Brand Candle additional information on Quality
Over time they were added so many articles necessary for the production of the candles, from staples to then warming the evaporators and so on.

In 2007 he became a S.R.L. while retaining the distinction of artisan today exports its small flame hearts in so many parts of the world: Europe, America, Middle East and Far East.

To learn more about wicks for candles fill fom the dedicated page.

Via A. De Gasperi, 41
San Pietro Mosezzo
28060 (No) Italy

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candle wicks

candle wicks

candle wicks

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